Monday, October 25, 2010

Piper's Announcement

What kind of father would I be if I did not gush over my first daughters birth announcement? After hemming and hawing over what to do for the announcement for sometime, this is what we came up with...2 colors, 2 sided, 5x7, 220lb fluorescent white lettra, 1 color envelope, flat printed die cut liners, edge painting. Nothing but the best for my little princess!

incase your wondering, we always prefer to edge paint on thicker stocks like the 220lb.

Where have we been!!??

Ok...yup...bad blogging over here at Czar Press. We have been super duper busy, but have failed to update the blog in a LONG time. So enough goes some recent, and kinda recent projects. Better late than never right?

Here is a little feature we were mentioned in the latest Southern Weddings Mag. This project was brought to use by Mika 78.

A couple of the printed pieces were featured...but we did do a combo of both letterpress and flat printed for the wedding, including the invite, menu and drink selections.