Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Czar Cards

Just thought I would show off some new business cards that I printed for myself. These are 2/2, on 220/600 gram fluorescent white lettra (the good stuff!), complete with red edge painting. The advantage of using paper this can press REALLY hard and not have any show through on either side of the it just feels really nice!


  1. Love the thickness of the card- the red really shows it off!

  2. How do you accomplish the edge painting? I've been asked to do it myself and not sure what the best way is. Thnx, Andy

  3. Very nice! I'm also curious about the edge painting and how it is done?
    Do you have any international clients? Can you deliver world wide?
    Thank you from the top of Europe :-)

  4. with a nice thick card clients will always be able to sort them out of a stack easily too.

    very nice.

  5. These cards look awesome and will definitely stand out. Every time I see letter press cards it make me want to order some!